Acrylic & Shellac

Acrylic & Shellac

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Here at Oasis we believe nails should be treated as jewels and not tools and pride ourselves on finding a nail system for everyone! From a file and polish to acrylic extensions, we can find something to suit you!


Acrylic Extensions

Acrylic Extensions

With our experienced Nail Technicians Rosie

Acrylic Tips with Polish(120 Mins) £39.50
Acrylic Wraps/Overlay with Polish(90 Mins) £38.00
Acrylic Tips/Wraps with Shellac (105 mins) £48.00
Buff and Shellac(no infill) £26.00
Ombre Acrylic Tips £43.00
Infills with Shellac £36.00
Infills- Includes 3 repairs (60 Minutes) £26.00
Add Glitter £2.50
Nail Repairs (15 Minutes) £4.00
Soak off- No charge if having another nail service (45 Minutes) £12.50

If you need to soak off acrylic nails please arrive 1 hour before your appointment

* Please note that having Shellac applied over Acrylic without an infill is only advisable once before having a NEW SET as the buffing to remove the Shellac weakens the acrylic underneath and can start to damage the natural nail bed

Acrylic Nails with Laura(Reduced Price)

Acrylic Nails with Laura(Reduced Price)

Please note that Laura is a qualified therapist but is needing further practice on her Acrylic application to perfect. However she is amazing at nail art if that ticks your box.

Acrylic Tips with Polish:£29
Acrylic Tips with Shellac:£39
Acrylic Infills:£20
Acrylic Infills with Shellac:£31
Acrylic Wraps/overlay with Polish: £28
Acrylic Wraps/overlay with Shellac: £37

**An additional £2.50 for Glitter**


Shellac Toes: £24.00
(Additional £2.50 with Glitter)

Mini Pedicure with Shellac: £32:00
(Includes hard skin removal, cuticles and Shellac colour)

Available in various colours and designs

Express Pedicure (60 Minutes): £25.00
(Includes file, hard skin removal, exfoliation, soak, cuticle work, massage and polish)

Express Pedicure with Shellac (75 Minutes): £35.00
(Includes file, hard skin removal, exfoliation, soak, cuticle work, massage and polish)

Luxury Pedicure (60 Minutes): £32:00 with Shellac (90mins): £42
(Includes file, hard skin removal, exfoliation, soak, cuticle work, paraffin wax, massage and polish)

Acrylic French/Glitter Toes (60 Minutes): £27:00
Acrylic French/Glitter Toes infill (60 Minutes): £20:00

Callus Peel

Callus Peel

Callus Peel (On its own): £20
Mini Pedicure, Callus peel with Polish: £30
Mini Pedicure, Callus Peel with Shellac: £42
These include treatment for one area only, additional areas £10

Callus peel is a revolutionary treatment that quickly and painlessly removes hard, dry or cracked skin from feet!

The treatment begins with applying the skin softener patches over the desired area; it’s then wrapped and left to work its magic for 10 minutes

We then remove the wrap and gently peel away the callus before filling for that smooth feeling

Finally a specialist moisturizer is applied to keep them feeling amazing!